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A Time-tested Strategy

A proven strategy for acquiring new customers through Facebook.
A/B Testing Do's and Don'ts

The right way to A/B test everything in your campaigns and how to avoid the traps of split testing!





Over the last 4 years, Jordan has helped hundreds of small business achieve digital marketing success and managed millions of dollars on Facebook ads alone. Creative and analytical, Jordan spends her free time practicing yoga and interior design.

Jordan Dickenson

Media Planner at Matcha

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Thomas Shields

Head of Marketing at Matcha

Thomas has spent the past 7 years in marketing helping startups and big companies dramatically scale their user bases, engagement, leads, and revenue. He is passionate about helping marketers, predicting the weather, riding bicycles, and watching Duke basketball.

The Beginner's Guide to Facebook Advertising 
for Growing Ecommerce Brands

We've helped hundreds of ecommerce brands get industry leading results on Facebook. Now we're sharing how you can do it too.


Don't Take Our Word For It

Brands Who Love Matcha

“We'’re driving traffic at 10% of the cost of other channels while building a loyal audience. The results bear out through the entire sales funnel.”

Jeff Milbourn 

Director of E-commerce 


“The Matcha team always has great, thoughtful ideas about how to make our content practice better.”

Christy Raedeke 

EVP Global Marketing & Sales

37.5 Technology

“Matcha has helped us to engage multiple audiences and deepen brand storytelling. Our content now drives over 300 leads per month!”

Kami York-Feirn 

Social Media

Osprey Packs

Matcha is the leading content marketing platform for small and growing ecommerce brands to grow with ecommerce blogging.

Improve Your Facebook Ad Results in Under an Hour

62% of small businesses feel their Facebook ads are failing. 

Have you tried Facebook ads with little success and are unsure of how to achieve your goals with Facebook? Are you boosting posts instead of running ads? Are your costs increasing? Then this is the training for you.

In this free training webinar, we'll take you step-by-step through our proven strategies to 

  • Acquire new traffic 
  • Find and engage new audiences
  • Move prospects through the funnel

Whether you want to spend $150 or $15,000 per month on Facebook, this training will help you maximize your results. 

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How to Improve Performance

How to achieve 9% CTRs and $0.05 CPCs.

Planning Best Practices

How to determine the right goals, budgets, audiences, copy, and creative.