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Is your blog helping your ecommerce business grow? 
Matcha can help.


500+ new stores are created every day on Shopify alone.

You need more than a great product to attract, convert, and keep customers in today's competitive environment. 

Blogging is a proven way to generate more traffic and leads, build trust and nurture relationships, and drive sales for your business. 

Did you know that small businesses who blog get on average 126% more leads? 

And, businesses that blog 11 or more times a month get 4x more leads!

Yet, creating a successful blog can seem daunting. We often hear: 

I've tried blogging with no success. Where do I start? What should I publish? How do I get results with my blog? What if I don’t have much time?

Don't worry!

Matcha makes it easy to fill your blog with excellent content, attract new audiences to your site inexpensively, and capture qualified leads.

Aaron Orendorff, Editor-in-Chief at Shopify Plus calls blogging “the holy grail of growth.”

Turn on your ecommerce blog

Effortlessly fill your blog with professionally produced articles and photos. All plans include 2 or more articles per month. 

What Matcha can do for you

We believe blogs drive business. Let us prove it.

Drive engaged traffic at a fraction of the cost

Attract the right audiences at 90% less than the average CPCs. Matcha customers typically see 2,000 - 4,000 or more new visitors per month.

Grow your list with more qualified leads 

Turn your blog into a lead magnet. Matcha customers see lead conversion rates between 5 - 15% and industry-leading CPLs. 

Build trust and connect with your audiences

Most website visitors will not purchase from you in their first visit. Your blog is the best way to build trust, establish expertise, and give your audience a reason to come back. 

Discover and reach new market segments

Discover new niches and personalize your marketing. Matcha can uncover new segments by matching audiences with targeted content and optimize engagement. 

Enhance newsletter and customer emails 

Use Matcha content to keep your email lists engaged. Matcha customers have seen up to 10x more revenue from email in their 1st year. 

Don't take our word for it

Real results from Matcha customers

"Our traffic increased by 190% in just 6 months! All i have to do is take 20 minutes at the beginning of the month and publish 5-6 articles that Matcha has curated for me."

Steven Lee

CEO & Owner

DuFrane Watches

“What surprised me is how much traffic Matcha content has driven for us at a nominal cost. In less than a year we’ve 2x'd  site traffic and grown email revenue by 10x.”

Chris Holt

CEO & Owner


“Matcha has helped us to engage multiple audiences and deepen brand storytelling. Our content now drives over 300 leads per month!”

Kami York-Feirn 

Social Media

Osprey Packs

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Matcha is the leading performance blogging platform for small and growing ecommerce brands. This course is based on our experience helping hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses grow with ecommerce blogging.